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​Ronald Poppo when he was a star student at Stuyvesant High School in New York. Picture: New York Daily News Supplied 

College student Nicholas Carlesi took this photo of Ronald Poppo, 65, in front of Jungle Island on April 14, 2012.

This undated booking mug made available by the Miami-Dade Police Dept. shows Ronald Poppo. 

 Most recent photo of Ronald Poppo
 showing good spirits despite his wounds!

Recent Updates For Mr. Poppo

"People in my predicament need to be helped out," he said. "I thank the outpouring of 
people in the community. I'll always be grateful for that." Ronald Poppo

Poppo had more than 75 percent of his face chewed off, including his nose, mouth and eyes, after Rudy Eugene attacked him in May 2012. Poppo suffered nearly 18 minutes before 
police shot and killed Eugene to stop the assault.

Poppo was rendered blind from the attack, and he continues to work with an occupational therapist at Jackson Memorial, who taught him how to dress himself, feed himself, shower and shave, according to a news release. He has gained more than 50 pounds in recovery.

Dr. Wrood Kassira, a plastic surgeon at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital 
who treated Poppo, told ABC News that since the series of facial surgeries, 
Poppo has "adjusted quite well."

"In terms of reconstruction, he's been a trooper," said Kassira. "His main issue is blindness, having to adapt to his surroundings without being able to see."

Kassira said that while she had treated many patients who had endured trauma similar to Poppo's, this was her first time encountering a patient who had been the victim of such a grizzly assault.

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital plastic surgeon Dr. Urmen Desai, who also treated Poppo, said that Poppo was not interested in pursuing further facial reconstruction, nor does he want to wear specially made prostheses to cover his nose and eyes.

"He's a very simple guy. These things aren't important to him," Desai said. "He doesn't 
care how he looks, and he doesn't care what people think about him."

Desai said the doctors who treated Poppo initially grappled with 
his decision to not pursue more surgeries.

"We may be used to seeing people with a missing arm or leg as we walk down the street. 
But if you ever see anyone with eyeballs missing, that's not as socially accepted in our society,
" he said. "It's something that was hard for us to let go of and have him go on his way 
and live the rest of his life [that way]."

"It took us a while to let go of that and realize it's not about what we want, 
it's about what he wants," Desai said.

Poppo remains at Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center, and still sees doctors for his facial injuries. Miami Lighthouse for the Blind also is providing services to help him regain his independent living skills, the hospital said in a statement.
Written by Alexis Shaw

Please leave some words of encouragement for Mr. Poppo!

by Valentine on 06/07/12

  • "I am so sorry this happened to you. I have thought about you everyday since and have payed for your physical and emotional healing to be both fast and thorough.... I also find myself asking why and how something like this can happen to someone... and the only answer I can think of is so that we as humans will be reminded of the resilience and the power of the spirits of our counterparts. You are our counterpart and its time to be strong and show us all what is possible in our own hearts and spirit. When you ask YOURSELF why... Sometimes there are no answers, it is better just find and use your strength and forgive this world and know that we are all rooting for you, with all of our love."

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1. Syrentha Nichols-Hair said on 6/12/12 - 02:28PM
Hearing about your misfortune left me breathless. I don`t understand the actions of others all the time but I do know and understand the power of prayer. Mr. Poppo I will be using some powerful prayer to help your recovery. GOD BLESS YOU.
2. elisa said on 6/13/12 - 10:55AM
I'll prayer for you. your strength and your courage is a blessing. Good luck Mr. Poppo!
3. Lolo said on 6/14/12 - 05:25AM
When I read the article I could Not believe that another human being would behave like that. I'm so so very sorry that happened to you. I will keep you in my prayers. With the power of prayer I beleive you come through this. God Bless you & Best Wishes!
4. Maria said on 6/14/12 - 10:08AM
5. §unny Ðre ?arter ?® said on 6/14/12 - 01:56PM
Ayyyy work flow on the afro. You gonna make it jack. Ma bad I didn't have the lighter that day. But you's a cool cat. Go Heat! Mahalo!
6. §unny Ðre ?arter 3® said on 6/14/12 - 02:05PM
Ayyyy work flow on the afro. You gonna make it jack. Ma bad I didn't haves the lighter that otha day. But you's a cool cat. Go Heat! Mahalo!
7. Joyce M said on 6/15/12 - 08:30AM
Mr Poppo, I was so happy to hear that you have gotten back on your feet and even enjoying some pizza. The world is hearing of how brave and spirited you are. The most recent picture of you shows much improvement over when you were first injured. Please know that I and many are rooting for you and I hope that you can again enjoy your health, freedom and swimming as well. Best wishes, Joyce M in North Carolina
8. jorge said on 6/15/12 - 10:42AM
so hard the history many people around the world are wishing you will be better MR POPPO GOD BLESS YOU, AND WE ARE MAKE DONATION FOR YOU WHITH HART
9. Ed said on 6/15/12 - 11:38AM
I am now rooting for the Miami Heat because of you. But next season is another story. I'm a Bulls fan and next year the Bulls are going all the way. In these finals, the Heat seem to get off to good starts, but the Thunder seem to finish strong. Take care and may God bless you.
10. thelma said on 6/16/12 - 06:40PM
What happened to you is very hard to understand , we wish you a very fast recovery, look everyday for any news regarding your recovery and I'm happy to see you are in good spirits, god bless you u will be in my prayers !
11. Indi said on 6/17/12 - 11:53AM
You're story is coming across the world, and so many people are thinking and hoping for your recovery. It is amazing how much the human body and mind can take, I believe it take a centern strength to get through something like this and I think that you sir are amazing!
12. J. C. said on 6/17/12 - 02:42PM
God Bless you Mr. Poppo.... I am praying for you.
13. M. Olsen said on 6/18/12 - 09:04AM
So glad you are getting better. It will be a long road for you but my thoughts are with you. Hang in there!
14. Wendylou said on 6/18/12 - 01:39PM
When I heard what happened to you, my heart went out to you. I was so pleased to hear you are doing so well and in such good spirits. You are truly blessed and your strength in such an inspiration. I will keep you in my prayers and wish you the very best health and happiness! *hugs*
15. Tia Baptiste said on 6/24/12 - 01:56PM
16. Juliet Egan said on 6/29/12 - 12:42AM
I am sorry this had to happen, and I am praying for your recovery. I also would like to salute you for being so brave about the whole episode and living each day and living it well.. The docs and nurses love you.. Keep up that spirit... This too shall pass...
17. Sophie Haire said on 6/29/12 - 04:06AM
Mr Poppo, your pleasant nature and charming, positive attitude following the events which happened to you are truly inspirational. I'm rooting for your full recovery, and I wish you all the best in the future, Sir.
18. Nikki Poppo said on 6/29/12 - 05:57PM
We are praying for your speedy recovery and think of you often. Stay strong and know that the Lord has his hands layed on you.
19. Francis said on 6/29/12 - 07:11PM
Me. Poppo, So sorry to hear this horrific story that happened to you. It is amazing how well you are recovering. You are a strong man! I will continue to keep you in my daily prayers and hope only for good things to go your way. I'm so happy you are recovering. Take care Mr. Poppo!!!
20. Dominik said on 6/30/12 - 03:41AM
GOD BLESS YOU! this is unhuman what that "thing" did to you but the scars are recovering all the best for you ronald
21. Sarah said on 7/1/12 - 12:18PM
When I heard about what happened to you I couldn't believe that somebody could inflict such a horrific attack on another human being. My heart goes out to you, I'm so happy you are doing well and long may it continue. Much love from Ireland x
22. Janet. said on 7/4/12 - 04:43PM
May God Bless you always, Mr. Poppo. Wishing you a wonderful recovery after your terrible suffering. Thinking of you daily, and sending many Prayers your way. :-)) Love, hugs, and peace, Janet. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
23. Wendeylou said on 7/8/12 - 12:42PM
still thinking of you, each and every day. You are loved!! *hugs
24. Empress said on 7/8/12 - 03:23PM
So glad to learn of your continuing progress - you have a world of people rooting for you, prayer by the boatload, and have made many many anonymous friends. You are an inspiration, Mr. Poppo! Best wishes for your continued recovery.
25. Jordan said on 7/13/12 - 11:43AM
I wish you a speedy recovery and I am praying that you have not lost all of your vision. You are a fighter! The world is pulling for you.
26. Debbie M said on 7/14/12 - 05:17PM
Bravo Ronald, you are a true inspiration, your courage and will to survival have given hope to many others. Remember to trust in Creator and believe in miracles, if one door closes, open another or climb out the window. But you are never alone. Sending you love and healing light.
27. Bobby Rivers said on 7/21/12 - 07:19PM
After hearing the news about your ordeal Mr. Poppo, I lost a great deal of faith in humanity as I could not comprehend how something like this could happen. But seeing you recovering has been a great inspiration for me. You are a true beacon of hope for us all Mr. Poppo. We are praying for you and may God bless you.
28. Kim said on 7/22/12 - 08:39PM
Hello Mr. Poppo, Just sending a message of well wishes for you! I (like many) have been following your story from day one and I find myself thinking of you and checking the internet for all the current updates on your recovery, you truly are inspirational! I am praying for your full recovery and continued well being, you are strong and doing so well! Keep it up! I will look forward to many great updates! God bless and be with you.
29. Cortney pace said on 7/25/12 - 05:28AM
Dear Ronaldo, I am so sorry for what happened to you. You are not alone, you are honestly in my thoughts every single day. I love you! Stay strong. God has a beautiful plan for you in your next life.. Cortney.. Rhode island
30. matt said on 8/8/12 - 04:32PM
ronald, from another fellow homeless person, thanks for your strength, man. you've inspired me. you're a strong guy!! I've been praying for you when the Spirit moves me to-- some deep prayers for you, man. trust in God, and you will have a completely brand new body soon, just hangin' in paradise-- laughin', chillin', and soakin' up the rays!! this will all be over soon, and we can all go home.
31. Jimmy S said on 8/8/12 - 05:54PM
Mr. Poppo, My heart and prayers go out to you. Hang in there! You have shown to be strong this far, just keep it up! When this is all said and done, you can claim to be the first survivor of a "zombie" attack!
32. Mia said on 8/9/12 - 07:51AM
This website is awesome! And I'm happy that someone did this for you. I pray that you continue to heal and that you are feeling better than you've ever felt before... mind, body and spirit. Best of luck to you!
33. Stephanie said on 8/9/12 - 08:36AM
Mr. Poppo, I am so sorry that you had to experience the worst of humanity. I hope that your good spirits and happiness can be restored through the help of doctors, nurses, strangers, and your own inner strength. I have faith that you will recover and go on to live a full life. Thank you for being so brave, you are an inspiration.
34. Ewa said on 8/9/12 - 01:15PM
Dear Mr Poppo, I wish you all the best! I am sure that you will find still much happiness!
35. Angela I. said on 8/9/12 - 06:34PM
Dear Mr. Poppo, I just watched a video about you on the internet, and it absolutely breaks my heart. Despite what you have been through, you still sounded like the sweetest man in the world while being interviewed. God has a purpose for your life! I wish you all the wealth and happiness the world has to offer...
36. Gods Inspirations said on 8/10/12 - 10:24AM
Dear Mr. Poppo, I as many others, have thought of you everyday, since you were attacked. I also sent you a letter a while back to tell you how sorry and ashamed I was, to think that we live in such an ungodly world. You have truly inspired my heart, you're a very strong man with a very kind & gentle heart and spirit. One never knows from day to day what may happen, for the Lord tells us to live for today for tomorrow may not come. I am not sure if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior or not but this I do know..The Bible says' all who call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved. We all have been given a mustard seed of faith, which enables us to say Jesus come into my heart, I believe that you died for my sins and through the shedding of your blood, death & resurrection I may receive my free gift of salvation. AMEN! You will continue to be in my heart and in my prayers for a very long time. Most Sincerely, Linda W.
37. mike gagnon said on 8/17/12 - 10:42AM
i hope the Lord Jesus will be with you Ronald in this time of trouble since we live in a sick, satanic world,he can pull you out of the toilet. perhaps you can be on a blessed road to salvation with a small ,humble flock. all the best and our prayers aer with you; Ted williams also, and all others struggling, your Father in Heaven loves you a lot and wants whats best for YOU. you arent missing out on anything, playing with fire. i learned also and am? grateful. good luck! -i hope you are raptured or taken to the place of safety. please keep faith, this could be a test and grand and miraculous blessing. be at peace, Ronald. (very nice blessing from mr Bonaventura! -Thanks Craig!
38. Marcia T said on 8/23/12 - 05:43PM
Mr. Poppo, As i sit here typing, the tears are flowing again, looking at the horrific damage done to your heart aches for what was done to you. God has bless you with an optimistic, upbeat attitude throughout all this, and that is heartwarming...HE also spared your life, this i believe... Mr. Poppo, may the Lord Jesus be close to you, and surround you with Peace, comfort as only He can, now and all the days of your life...please call out to Him, HE's the Saviour of all mankind...and He loves you so much, and so do i, in Jesus' name....
39. Sue Lorance said on 9/1/12 - 10:21AM
I am so sorry this happened to you and am grateful to hear that you are in good spirits. I pray that you will be able to see and perhaps now you will be able to live a "good" life. Maybe now you will have someplace to call home, not that anything can ever make up for what you have experienced. I consider myself a fellow survivor of a horendous act. I was strangled and hog tied -- my car was stolen. I live with recurring memories of this. I hope you will be able to cope with everything that has happened. Again I am so sorry this happened to you and you are always in my thoughts.
40. claire said on 9/11/12 - 08:21AM
dear mr poppo, i have followed your case since the daythis horrible thing happened to you. i have prayed for your recovery and for you mental fortitude. i was stunned when i heard how truly optimistic you were after all you've been through. ("go, Heat!")what a wonderful spirit you must have. i want more than anything for you to have all the care you need. maybe, in some strange way, this will change your life for the better.
41. Jenny said on 9/26/12 - 02:18PM
Mr. Poppo, I wish you only the best. I like others in the world have lost a large degree of faith in humanity over this story, but have regained part of that hearing about your reaction to it. I will say a prayer for you. May God bless you and sustain you through this.
42. Vicki said on 9/27/12 - 08:01PM
God does not put more or our plate or give us more to deal with than we are capable of handling. Be an inspiration for the world
43. Mandy said on 9/30/12 - 08:14AM
Dear Mr. Poppo, I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and I hope you make a full recovery. Sincerely, Mandy
44. Chris Wilson said on 9/30/12 - 06:20PM
Dear Mr. Poppo, I hope you are staying strong through all of this. It is always the biggest tragedy when those who are already down on their luck have something such as this happen to them. I too was once homeless, and know the hardships and trials one must endure on a daily basis in that situation, and when I heard what happened to you it literally broke my heart. I truly hope you stay positive in knowing you are alive and now perhaps your luck and life will be able to change for the better. If you have the access/ability to write, I would very much like to hear from you, how you are doing now, and write as a friend. If you want, you can email me at - I'll always write back. Sincerely, Christopher Wilson
45. Abigail Marie said on 10/14/12 - 05:11PM
I was absolutely baffled once I heard of this news. I could not believe that a human being could be capable of doing something this...this gruesome. I cannot begin to say how sorry I am that you, had to go through such a thing. NO ONE DESERVES to suffer as much as you did that night. And I understand that words will not change anything but I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers. With Love & best wishes -Abi
46. Jane D. from NJ said on 10/15/12 - 04:21AM
Dear Mr. Poppo- I am so sorry for what happened to you, but I wanted to tell you I think of you ofter and I wish you a speedy recovery!
47. Janice N. - So Calif said on 10/26/12 - 12:43PM
Dear Mr. Poppo, Somehow, I missed your story until today. Words fail to express my brokenheartedness about what was done to you. You are a stronger person than I. I wish for you a miraculous recovery and blessed life going forward. You now have many friends around the world. When you have a need, please reach out through the newspaper or media. People want to help, but feel more comfortable using a familiar website. I do not feel safe giving money through this website. But I would give through a media website or a bank donation account. I know that someone (a doctor, a nurse, a reporter) would be grateful for the chance to help you, as would I. All best wishes, Janice N.
48. Milan said on 10/29/12 - 09:34PM
You're looking for the rainbow But it died not long ago It tried to shine just for you Until the end I don't want to cause you trouble Don't wanna stay too long I just came here to say to you I am by your side Just for a little while
49. Good Luck! said on 11/29/12 - 05:22PM
Wish You The Best Of Everything! Terrible Things Happen With No Reason Sometimes. You Seem Very Determined & Strong!
50. Gussie L. said on 1/8/13 - 07:52PM
You're such an A++ human being, and I'm so pleased and thrilled that the press is still keeping up with your recovery and recognizing you as an individual rather than as a victim or as a statistic. The anecdotes of your life and your recovery have been absolutely inspiring! I certainly hope that the remainder of your life continues to be fascinating, but hopefully considerably more tame. (: Good luck, sir.
51. Terrill from the flea market in New Orleans said on 1/31/13 - 03:36PM
Hello this is Terrill form the flea market in New Orleans i'm very sorry that this happen to you. I didn't my best for you when you was here because I have a heart. I will like to come out there to see you just to show you how much i care. My email address is that is where you can send me the address and phone number.
52. Seni said on 2/11/13 - 01:39PM
Ronald, you are a truly outstanding person. To have such an event happent to you, and hold (seemingly) no grudge or bitterness... You are truly sent from the greatest spirit of them all.
53. Jolene said on 2/14/13 - 02:29PM
Mr. Poppo, I haven't heard anything new about you in a few months. I hope that you are doing well, and continue to recover. Keep on keeping on! Blessings.
54. Jocelyn said on 3/13/13 - 04:24PM
I really do hope that you're doing okay. You seem like such a lovely person and no one, especially you deserved to have anything like this happen. I do think about you and how you're doing and just wish we could get updated on your well being. I love that you don't seem so uplifting and I hope you're aware that many people care about you very much.
55. Belinda M said on 3/24/13 - 09:38PM
Dear Mr. Poppo, I am very sorry that this happened to you. My heart goes out to you. May God bless you.
56. jim said on 3/31/13 - 09:08PM
we love you.
57. Janet said on 4/8/13 - 12:33PM
We're thinking of you and sending you good thoughts. Hope you're in good spirit and God bless.
58. Ni said on 4/22/13 - 05:41PM
Dear Mr.Poppo, I'm very very very sorry about what happened to you. I hope you get better, and remember, you are a blessing from the Lord. Every single part of you.
59. Courtney said on 4/29/13 - 05:40PM
Hello Mr Poppo. I am so truly sorry about what happened to you. I think about you quite often. I haven't heard any news about you in a while. I hope you are doing ok. Stay strong. Love. Courtney
60. Robin said on 5/2/13 - 07:22AM
Dear Mr. Poppo, There's not a lot I can say that isn't already said so many times here on this page, but I do want you to know that there's one more person out here that still thinks of you and how you are doing. I was so glad when I searched online for updated info that I could leave you a message. However, disappointed that I could not find updated info. Sending prayers and thoughts your way.
61. Den said on 5/3/13 - 11:14PM
Hope you are doing good on your journey. This earth, even if we make it to 90, is just a brief time to live as best we can. May you be at peace. The Lord's Blessings are in your future Mr. Poppo! Sending prayers for you.
62. Marie said on 5/20/13 - 05:48AM
Mr.Poppo, they say everything happens for a reason. I wish I knew the real reason behind as to why humans suffer when there intentions in the world are good. Things like this make me question, god, the goverment, everything. I only say this because I saw what you went through with those 18minues. I wish that I could go back and save you. Im sorry, you are in my prayers always and forever. Stay strong. I know you don't want anymore surguies because of pain, but let these people help you. They might be able to help you see again. We all want you to see, see what a strong man you are.
63. Miss Ladybug said on 5/21/13 - 02:57PM
I saw the update video on ronald playing the guitar and I would like to reach ronald by using my gift of song. My heart is touched and I want to share hope to Ronald through Music. I AM NOT SEEKING ANY PAYMENT OR EXPLOITATION . I simply want to sing for him because I know music is so healing to the soul Please contact me by email
64. Endon said on 5/22/13 - 09:20AM
Yo, Ronald. You're looking good, man, all things considered. Glad to see you're keeping good spirits and are making the best of things. Keep on keeping on, man.
65. Steven from SFo said on 5/22/13 - 10:00AM
I personally think your a real role model to humanity as a whole. I wish you continued health and prosperity for days to come! -Steven
66. Anna said on 5/22/13 - 10:04AM
You're awesome, and a real trooper. Keep on truckin'!
67. God loves you said on 5/31/13 - 06:42PM
I am incredibly amazed by your spirits. We as human beings take many things for granted , and we are not capable of seeing that others who have less , are more thankful for what they have. Mr.Ronald you have given me hope that no matter what terrible thing is happening in my life , its just something that I will overcome . If someone is reading this to you Mr.Poppo , God bless them because I am truly saying this from the bottom of my heart . I hope you recover and live a healthy life .God Bless you.
68. Mel said on 6/2/13 - 09:05PM
You are truly a hero. I have no words to describe how your story touch my heart and I wish you well. My heart goes with you and I send you good vibes and tons of hugs.
69. Jason Byrnes said on 6/4/13 - 08:02PM
Hang in there bud
70. Line said on 7/3/13 - 09:59AM
You are so brave, it makes me cry.
71. Cecilia Salazar said on 7/20/13 - 04:10PM
I am so sorry about what happened to you, when i heard about the case i honestly couldnt believe that one human being can do something like that. I saw your video and at one moment i saw you smiling! that part actually made me cry, im extremely happy that you're in good hands. I cant imagine what you're going through, but I wish you the best and a fast recovery Mr. Poppo! Keep on going!!
72. unknown said on 7/22/13 - 07:21PM
so some artist made a song about your accident and making money off you... artist name is getter the song is called cannibal. cd is called smasher ep 2013. record company is called firepower records....
73. Megan K said on 8/5/13 - 09:12PM
Hi Ronald! I'm glad to finally be able contact you. You are one inspiring man! Though I'm sure you've been told a thousand times by now. When I first read the news about your world famous event, on the day it happened, I had grave fears for your life, as many people did. And here you are, kicking goals. Yours is one of the most remarkable stories of recovery ever. Over the months since, I've checked in on you to see what you're up to, and how you're faring. It's excellent to see you gaining weight, learning the guitar and have all your carers at Jackson Memorial wrapped around your finger. Wink Wink. You're right, people in your situation should be helped out. It's national homeless person’s week here, and there has been some really thought provoking discussion about it on the radio. It brings it home - pardon the pun - but yeah it makes people think, what do I do when I pass a homeless person? Do I help them? Should I? Who is responsible here? It's a perplexing topic. cont..
74. Megan K said on 8/5/13 - 09:13PM
Stories like your story make people like me think about how lucky we are, and how we lucky people should do more to help those who aren't as lucky as us. It's good for the soul. I hope one day maybe someone will be lucky to hear YOU tell your story, and that it might make a positive difference somehow, even just for one person. I've started to do some volunteer work at an organisation here in Australia that helps people with vision impairment or blindness, and it has been amazing. There is a library service there where children's books are read onto an audio recording, and the book is made up into a little pack with things that blind or vision impaired children can feel with their hands so that they can feel the story as well as hear it. Like toy elephants, shells, bits of wool, stuff like that. Whoever came up with that beautiful, wonderful idea is a real hero. cont...
75. Megan K said on 8/5/13 - 09:14PM
But there are heaps of ideas there that people have thought up to help someone whose vision has been impaired. So I feel honoured to be a part of that world, and I hope that you benefit from some of the vision aid tools that are available to you in Miami. Taking the opportunity to learn new skills is what keeps us going day by day, hey. You know, none of us know why things happen the way they do. But the challenge is to see the opportunities that come out of every situation, whatever the universe may throw at us. I just wanted to finally take the opportunity to tell you that I'm glad you're alright. I have no idea what’s going on for Heat. (I'm soooo not sporty.) But whatever it is that makes you happy, go for it. And thanks for turning this moment of unexplainable sadness into an opportunity to make others happy, even though you probably didn't mean to. I'll write again sometime when I think, "How's Ronald Poppo going?" Until then, catch ya later mate!
76. Julien said on 8/12/13 - 03:57PM
Your positive attitude and your smile clearly supersedes your appearance and that sets an example for so many people. Follow on that path, greater things will happend.
77. shannin said on 8/13/13 - 09:28AM
I'm wondering how you are doing NOW?
78. Paulina said on 8/23/13 - 10:53AM
You are a fighter who has has proven the odds against you wrong! I hope you are recovering well. Take care :)
79. Sarah said on 10/5/13 - 10:52PM
You are an incredibly brave man, Mr. Ronald Poppo. I greatly admire how you're able to muster such courage and strength to adjust to your new lifestyle. You are certainly an inspiration to many. You've introduced me to a whole new level of perseverance and I've definitely learned that from you. Thank you very much for being you.
80. ivan said on 10/7/13 - 05:08AM
Mr. Poppo,God Bless You. Best Wishes for You.
81. Gary said on 2/5/14 - 03:12PM
Mr. Poppo, Followed your story from the beginning, thank God your smilin' and actually lookin' pretty damn good given your injuries! I hope ya get a beer in there once in a while but wouldn't be surprised if they dried ya out completely. I also hope you get settled and the remainder of your sentence on earth is more enjoyable. God Bless there brother and God Speed!
82. Fay said on 2/8/14 - 06:30PM
Mr. Poppo thinking of you and praying for your continued healing and strength from God. You are an inspirationof true strength! God bless you.
83. Lorie said on 4/15/14 - 05:35PM
Dear Mr. Poppo I remember what happened to you like it was yesterday, as I am sure you do to. I often wonder how your doing and was happy to see this website. You are truly amazing and for whatever reason that happened to you, I know your strength and courage has made a difference in my life. So in short I thank you!
84. Emerson said on 10/25/15 - 03:30PM
Good luck on your road to recovery, Mr. Poppo! Excellent guitar playing!
85. Emerson said on 10/25/15 - 03:30PM
Good luck on your road to recovery, Mr. Poppo! Excellent guitar playing!
86. G said on 4/27/16 - 04:41PM
You're not forgotten. I still pray for your happiness and health. God bless you.
87. Kacey said on 7/6/16 - 03:38PM
I have not forgotten the sadness and horror I felt at hearing of your attack. Your strength and resiliency are an inspiration, and I wish you the best in your continued recovery.
88. Dave said on 7/16/16 - 11:10AM
Haven't forgotten about you Mr. Poppo! I have been keeping you in my prayers and I am so relieved to hear how strong you have been in dealing with such a terrible situation. You look incredible! Much love to you and yours!

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Ronald Poppo thanks the community 
for all their support in this latest video:
Ronald Poppo Is the unfortunate victim who was viciously attacked on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach on May 26, 2012. 

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